It aims to promote, encourage and sustain the advancement of Engineering Geology in ensuring safety of structures and the environment through research and technology.


  1.  It strives to improve the advancement of Engineering Geology through Capacity Building, Continuing Education, Data Management and dissemination of the results for engineering geology activities and the environment.
  2. To contribute to increasing public awareness on the important role of Engineering Geology in infrastructural development to private and public sectors and the general public by providing leadership, advocacy and applied research in engineering Geology and the environment.


NAEGE’s values are based on the belief that its members have a responsibility to assume stewardship over their fields of expertise. In support of serving a national network of engineering geologists devoted to excellence, NAEGE values:

  • Upholding sound principles of scientific inquiry with respect to the study and evaluation of geologic processes, their impact on humans, and the human impact on Earth
  • Encouraging and facilitating ongoing education and training as well as supporting members in their dedication to their work
  • Building public appreciation for how engineering geology contributes to public safety and the protection of property and the environment
  • Obeying the ethics and codes of conduct of the Association.

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