The Original name was Nigerian Association of Engineering Geologists when the International body was called International Association of Engineering Geologists. With the change in name of the International body to International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment during the Vancouver, Canada Conference of 1997, the name was changed to the “Nigerian Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment ” (NAEGE).

NAEGE has been in existence for many years. However, it did not hold its 1st International Conference until September 2016.

The Association is a Specialist Group of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS). It comprises Geoscientists and Mining Engineers who apply their knowledge of relevant aspects of Geosciences (Geology for Engineers) and Geotechnics for solutions of Civil, Mining, Petroleum and Environmental Engineering.  Expertise of members are thus very useful in pre-construction investigations for Structures, drilling for water and hydrocarbons and mining of solid Minerals.  Environmental Impact Assessment, evaluation of naturally occurring construction materials and evaluation of proposed waste disposal sites are also executed by members of NAEGE.

Through the instrumentality of Prof Louis VanRooy, the Vice President of IAEG(Africa), NAEGE was re- absorbed into the international body. The immediate past President, Prof G.  O.  Adeyemi attended the Council meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2016.

NAEGE has also been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a recognized Professional body.

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